SLPP Supporter Critically Ill after being Held in Custody for 10 Days

By Alimatu Jalloh

A supporter of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party, Pa Lahai Kamara, 75, is in a critical condition after being held in custody at the Central Police Station in Freetown for about 10 days, a senior party official said Friday.
Kamara was arrested together with dozens of supporters of the Sierra Leone People’s Party by the police on Wednesday April 27 in Freetown after the party allegedly defied police orders not to come out with their mast devil, Arie Wuteteh.
Kamara is admitted at the Police Hospital in Kingtom in Freetown.
The National Deputy Chairman of SLPP, Hon. Prince Harding alleged that the old man was not allowed by the police to access treatment after he complained of an ailment. He said that the old man was locked up in a cell for 10 days, which he described as gross human rights violation.
Harding said there are many party supporters held in custody who are complaining of illnesses and are being deprived the rights to access health care services. “Their human rights have been violated,’’ he said.
He said that there had been a lot of violence against them as party to the extent that their properties are vandalized, and even their assets are been destroyed. He added that they have been complaining bitterly about such untold violations.
Dr Harding said that as a party they condemn such act by the police.
According to the Local Unit Commander at the Central Police Division, Maxwell Maco Sesay confirmed that one of his suspects was in critical condition, but was taken to hospital.
The Head of Police Media and Public Relations Unit, Assist Superintendent of Police Brima Kamara told Premier News in a telephone interview that the police have been ensuring that SLPP supporters held in custody have access to health care services. He said that on Friday four party supporters held in custody were taken to the Police Hospital in Kingtom for treatment. He said that the police have never denied detainees the rights to access health care.

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