Justice Minister Sets up Committee over Ebola Funds

Sierra Leone’s Justice Minister, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, said Friday he’d set up a Task Force to monitor the implementation of a parliamentary directive over the repayment of funds allocated for the fight against the Ebola epidemic which were embezzled.
An Auditor General report on the use of the funds last year found that millions of Leone were unaccounted for.
Following a huge public outcry, the Parliamentary Public Account Committee invited about a dozen officials for a month long hearing. Several of them were found wanting and asked to repay monies unaccounted for.
However, earlier this year a second report released by the Auditor General’s office said those found wanting were not making any effort to repay the funds.
Kamara, a former head of the Anti-Corruption Commission, who was recently appointed to the office of Justice Minister, said when he assumed office he met the report and acted upon it by instituting the committee.
“We are not looking at the report in isolation, we are making sure to set up a system to prevent feature occurrences,” he said.
He said at the moment the committee was trying to categorize those named in the list to identify those who have paid.
Last week British newspaper, the Daily Mail, rekindled the debate on the misuse of Ebola funds after it published a damning report alleging the loss of 12 million British Pounds from the Ebola funds.
Credit: APA

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