ICBAI Poised to Improve Reading Culture in S/Leone

By Desmond Tunde Coker

The founding member and executive director of the Initiative in Capacity Building Association International (ICBAI), Isata Harding, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology will commence Spelling Bee Competition for primary schools across the country on 17th October 2015.
Speaking to Premier News last week, Mrs. Isata Harding said Spelling Bee is a healthy competition that is done internally in school and externally in communities as a national competition. She said it would be a good thing to get the children interested in a venture that will change their perspective for the better on both education and violent conduct. She said improvement in reading will definitely have positive effects on students.
She further said Spelling Bee is an exciting competition among children, and it will encourage them to read more and it will definitely have positive effects on their reading and writing ability.
She said “reading and writing” are the two foundational components in all educational processes as English played a pivotal role in our educational system, being both our official language as well as the language of instruction at all levels of our educational system.
Mrs. Harding added that in the past, school-going children had few activities that were competing with their learning, but this is not the case today.
She however stated that a national Spelling Bee competition may not change things immediately, but it may be one of the ways in which to redirect the attention and interest of children to books.
She encouraged the slated 20 primary schools within the Western Area to get ready for the October 17th competition as it will restore lost confidence. He said the competition will also be taken to the provinces.
‘’The empowerment of youth in Sierra Leone is key to their transformation into powerful leaders who will be able to walk in the fullness of their potential,’’ she maintained.
She thanked the sponsors of the competition and called on others to come on board to help improve children’s education in the country.
She said that in this year’s competition, pupils of schools involved in the competition will pay a small amount of money as entrance fee as support to their schools.

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