Premier Media is the leading producer of documentaries and music videos in Sierra Leone. We have produced documentaries and music videos for a wide range of clients in the public and private sector, including the following:

  • 2001 – 2004: Music videos for Sisters With Attitude (SWA). Produced several music videos for SWA, including Fantasy, Salone Man, Run Down the Mike, Freedom, Bended Knees (Create links to these music videos on U-Tube)
  • 2001: TV skits on corrupt practices. Commissioned by the Anti-Corruption Commission
  • 2003: Seed of Hope (A TV Documentary) Commission by GTZ (German Technical Cooperation)
  • 2003: TV Spots on Science and Tech. Voc. Education. Commissioned by the Ministry of Education
  • 2004: “Building Peace” a documentary on World Vision’s Youth Re-integration Training and Education for peace (YRTEP) Programme
  • 2005: Video Documentary on Child Rights, commissioned by Talking Drums Studio for UNICEF
  • 2005: “Making Life Better” a three part video documentary produced for Celtel SL
  • 2006: Video documentary on Using Music to Fight HIV/AIDS for the US Department of Defence (United States Embassy, Sierra Leone)
  • 2008: “Pikin by Choice” – A video Docu-drama produced for Marie Stopes Sierra Leone
  • 2010: “Break the Bonds” A video documentary on disability issues produced for Handicap International Sierra Leone
  • 2011: “Agribusiness Investment Task Force” A 5 minutes promotional video, commissioned by the IFC of the World Bank for the Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency

Crack (2008) - Produced by Premier Media

Directed by Julius Spencer
Starring: Desmond Finney, Daddy Saj, Dolly Guissay-Jhong, Blanche Gooding, Frederick Buckle, Antoinette Fashole-Luke, Emanuel Macboima and Sylvaine Pratt

Crack is both a reference to Crack Cocaine and a metaphor for the breakdown of family ties. Betty is a scheming young lady from a dysfunctional family. She exploits the kindness of her school friend, Jebbeh, and ends up having an affair with Jebbeh’s boyfriend. She also lures Jebbeh’s father, Maanah into an affair with her that ends up destroying his family and results in the death of his son, Johnny. It is a story of deceit and betrayal.

Dagadi (2012) - Produced by Premier Media

Directed by Julius Spencer
Starring: Desmond Finney, Julius Spencer, Martha Sesay, Med Mans, Mabinti Kamara, Christopher Jones, Antoinette Kamara, Roslyn Browne, Alimamy Mansaray & Sheku Kamara

Marina, a young enterprising female police officer is hot on the trail of the Minister of Health and Safety who she suspects is part of a drug smuggling ring. Just as she is about to conclude the investigation, she is reassigned to investigate a series of ritual murders. Meanwhile, Jatou, a female university student, is being highly sought after by a social club on the university campus (in reality a cult) to become a member because she has a rare gift. The cult needs this gift to be able to complete the circle that will give them real supernatural powers. Jatou eventually teams up with Marina and together they discover the truth.

Beauty Curse (2012) - Produced by Premier Media

Directed by Julius Spencer

Starring: Desmond Finney, Mabinti Kamara, Med Mans, Celia Greenwoode, Ramatu Wurie, Blanche Gooding, Elkanah Harding

Miatta is a beautiful young lady who has lost her parents and is living with her Aunt. She ends up quarrelling with her aunt, Adama over the aunt’s obnoxious boyfriend, Amadu, and ends up moving out of the house. With nowhere to stay, she is rescued by Minella who gets her to take part in a beauty competition. Miatta’s life becomes more and more complicated. Is her beauty a blessing or a curse?

Watch out for the following movies currently in production to be released in the first half of 2013:

Dagadi II

Girls at Work

Cursed Resources

Caught Between

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